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Village of Coal Valley
900 1st Street
P.O. Box 105
Coal Valley, IL 61240

Welcome to Coal Valley!

Sign for Coal Valley Municipal CenterThe Village of Coal Valley is located in Henry and Rock Island Counties, Illinois. The Village is a residential community and is a suburb of the greater Quad Cities area. Find out the history of the village.

NOTICE:  In the event of an ice or snow emergency being declared, the following will apply.  The Village of Coal Valley Ordinance, Title X , Division 1, Chapter 1, Section 6.5:  It shall be unlawful for any person to allow a vehicle to remain on any Village Street, Avenue, alley, or village parking lot within the Village following a snowfall occurrence of two inches or more.  Also, a reminder that all property owners shall remove snow and ice from their portion of public sidewalk within 24 hours of snow/ice event.

What's New

02/09/2021 - The Village of Coal Valley will be accepting bids for 5 Welcome to Coal Valley signs. The Route 6 sign will be luminated (can bid both interior or exterior luminated); sign materials to be durable to withstand seasonal challenges and have a masonry base. The remaining four signs will not be illuminated and will be anchored by materials similar to what the existing signs have. Bids will be accepted until EOB on March 5, 2021.

Signs will be in accordance to the Village's Article XVI, Additional Requirements, Exceptions and Modifications, section 6; be 4' x 8' in size; use the current logo and verbiage. Click here for the signage ordinance requirements.

Additional questions can be directed to the Village Administrator, Annette Ernst at, or 309-799-3604, ext. 206.

02/08/2021 - The Village has received a number of people asking what is our policy on snowmobiles, so click here to read an excerpt from our Title X ordinance pertaining to this topic.

01/13/2021 - REMINDER

Section 28. SNOW REMOVAL
All abutting property owners shall be responsible a. To remove within a reasonable time from the portion of any public sidewalk abutting said property all snow and ice.
b. To refrain from putting, pushing, blowing of otherwise depositing any snow removed from a public sidewalk of private property upon any improved public roadway.
For purposes of this Section, "reasonable time" shall mean that snow removal shall be within twenty-four (24) hours after cessation of a snowfall, or, if a snowfall ceases in the nighttime hours, within twenty-four (24) hours after sunrise.

11/10/2020 - Effective Monday, November 16th, the Robert R. Jones Public Library will begin operating under curbside-only service mode. No public access inside the library will be permitted other than appointment-only computer use.

These measures are being taken to remain consistent with the Moline School District's Covid-19 precautions since all schools are going to remote-only learning on that date.

Please check our website or Facebook page for further information and anticipated reopening dates.

Jeffrey Stafford,

09/28/2020 - Effective October 1st bulk item pickup will change from Tuesdays to Wednesdays. If you have a bulk item that you would like to have picked up, please call the Village Hall at 309-799-3604 to make arrangements no later than 12pm on Tuesdays.

Bulk item requests received after that will be placed on the next week’s list. Please remember that residents are allowed only one bulk item per month, if you have multiple items, you can call Republic customer service directly @ 1-563-332-0050 for a quote.