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Village Board:

A Progressive Community with a Proud Past - Established in 1856.

Members of the Coal Valley Village Board

Village President - Mike Bartels 5/1/21-4/30/25

Board of Trustees

Thomas House 5/1/23-4/30/27
Stan Engstrom 5/1/21-4/30/25
Graeme Jewell 5/1/23-4/30/27
James Mountain 5/1/21-4/30/25
Laura Rigg 5/1/23-4/30/27
Kevin Stickell 5/1/21-4/30/25

Village Clerk

Village Clerk

Village Government Organization Elected Officials

Village President - Duties:
The Village President shall be the chief executive officer of the Village, and shall perform all duties as may be required of him by statute or ordinance. The President shall have supervision over all the executive officers of the Village, and over all of the employees of the Village. The President shall have the power and authority to inspect all books and records kept by any Village officer or employee at any reasonable time.

Whenever there is a question as to the respective powers or duties of any appointed officer of the Village, this shall be settled by the President who shall have the power to delegate to any officer any duty which is to be performed when no specific officer has been directed to perform the duty.

Village Board of Trustees: Elections - Functions
The Board of Trustees, consisting of six (6) members, shall be elected to office for a four (4) year term, but at no time shall all members of the Board be elected at the same time. Three (3) members of the Board shall be elected at each biennial election, according to the method provided by statute. The Board shall be the legislative department of the Village government, and shall perform such duties and have such powers as may be delegated by statute to it.